Premium and Luxury Wallet

  The Cascade wallet is a sleek and cool-looking gadget. It is about the size of five stacked credit cards (0.41 inches). It looks like something Apple Co. would make because of its slick-looking aesthetics. The Cascade Wallet is machined out of aircraft-grade aluminium. The Cascade Wallet holds up to five cards and provides secure RFID protection. It has a top door so cards don’t accidentally fall out. In order to access the financial cards, flip open the top door, and push the slide switch up to pop out the cards. If you want to store your cards away, simply drop the cards by releasing the slide switch and close the top door. On the back of the wallet, a built-in money clip that sits flush against the wall of the cascade wallet and retracts when required to store cash, receipts, business cards or parking ticket. The soft genuine leather cover provides the capability to carry more cards with more slots and a back pouch. The detachable leather cover snaps on to the cascade wallet and w

Minimalist Mechanical Wallet

Here is a showcase of my favourite tech gadget, this premium pop-up wallet from Mani Wonders . Their obsessive approach to replace bulky wallets with a newly introduced sleek, minimalist, multi-functional wallet. Cascade Wallet allows to conveniently carrying access to up to seven financial credit cards in an elegant fashion.  The concept is very intuitive – open up the flap, slide the side button and the cards spring up for easy access. Once the payment is made, slide the card back into the compartment, slide down the side button, and toggle the top door close. This is a simple but powerful product. I really like what it does! I hate carrying around bulky bi-fold wallets. Thus, this solves the bulging of heavy pockets and attracting unnecessary attention. Most importantly, Cascade Wallet provides RFID protection and avoid unwanted identity and financial theft. Moreover, this RFID smart wallet comes with a built-in money clip. Simply lift up and insert your notes, cash, business ca